Sedation Free Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Non -Anaesthetic Teeth Cleaning cleans quickly and painlessly, without the risks of sedation.

At Pampered Pets we have years of experience in cleaning pets teeth. Maintaining your dog’s oral balance can lead to a happier pet; studies have shown 4 of 5 dogs have oral health issues. Routine veterinary care, in conjunction with oral maintenance, can contribute to keeping your pet healthy!

Bones and specialized pet treats alone won’t keep your dog’s teeth clean. Like humans, most pets need thorough scaling, flossing and polishing to keep their teeth in prime shape. Regular cleaning and flossing can make your pet's breath much more pleasant to live with!

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We use an ultrasonic machine designed for use with human children, for the gentlest and least stressful cleaning possible. This sedation-free technique is non-invasive and does not damage tooth enamel. Most cleanings are completed in 1-2 hours. We love working with all types of dogs and there is no age limit.

Our Affordable Rates

Ultrasonic Scaling & Polishing

$175 - $300

Rates vary depending on the amount of required cleaning / the length of time it takes to clean the teeth. Oral Maintenance services are also available once a consultation has taken place.

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"I am 17 years old and have lost both my sight and hearing but having my teeth cleaned monthly has allowed me to stay healthy and happy. Thanks Pampered Pets. Woof!"

–Teddy the Dog

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