Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can Pampered Pets Ultrasonic do for my pet's oral hygiene?

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  2. What is sedation free teeth cleaning?

    Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC offers a service that gently and effectively cleans and polishes pet teeth without the use of anaesthetic. Your pet will enjoy teeth free of tartar and plaque build-up, and fresher smelling breath. While this kind of cleaning is considered cosmetic, it does have many benefits, including addressing the anaerobic bacteria found on teeth from the build-up of food particles, which contribute to “doggie breath” and also are the basis for the formation of plaque and tartar. Just as humans need to maintain their oral health, so do pets! Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC’S sedation-free cleanings will help maintain the cleanliness of teeth.

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  3. What does it cost?

    The cost of a sedation-free cleaning will vary from pet to pet, depending on the severity of build-up in the mouth and the amount of time it takes to remove all the plaque and tartar. Pampered Pets offers free consultations, so we can assess how much cleaning is needed and give the customer an estimate. Because Pampered Pets performs services on a mobile basis, we do not have the overhead of a clinic or office, and because the procedure is done without sedation, those cost savings are passed on to the customer as well. An initial consult is free, and the first cleaning will be very reasomable. Routine maintenance is heavily discounted after the initial work, and in the end you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your pet!

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  4. How often should it be done?

    Every pet is different when it comes to their routine oral care needs. Statistics show that more than 80% of dogs will have gingivitis by the age of three years! Routine cleanings from an early age can help prevent deterioration of the teeth and mouth by addressing the build-up of plaque and tartar. Some pets should have frequent cleanings depending on a variety of factors, including their diet, the amount of oral care maintenance done at home between cleanings, and their general health and/or age. Some pets are fortunate to generally have naturally healthier teeth and gums, so it will be different for each pet. Most clients come in every 6 months for a cleaning and polishing. All pets should visit a veterinarian regularly and have their mouths examined in addition to any maintenance services done, professionally or in-home.

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  5. Is sedation free cleaning covered under pet insurance?

    Because sedation-free cleaning in Canada is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered under pet health insurance programs, but Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC is hoping to help change that!

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  6. What is a pedeodontic scaler?

    Ultrasonic scalers are the preferred choice of dentists for their effectiveness in removing stains and the build-up of calculus above and below the gum line. Electromagnetic forces in these hand held units cause the tip to rapidly vibrate at an ultrasonic speed. This helps to break up the hardened deposits on the tooth, without damaging the enamel or the tooth itself. To prevent the tool’s tip from heating up, it is cooled by a stream of liquid (water), which in turn flushes away the debris being removed by the scaler. It is much more effective, and much gentler than a manual scaler.

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  7. Why doesn't Pampered Pets just use a hand scaler?

    Manual scaling by hand is a risky process – pets who are not under anaesthesia will wiggle and move, especially when hard pressure required by manual scaling is applied to the teeth. This paves the way for slippage of the scaling tool which could potentially cause injury to the mouth. The ultrasonic scaler does not require this level of pressure to be effective, and pets are much more relaxed and less reluctant to sit through the cleaning, virtually eliminating the potential for damage or injury.

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  8. How clean will my dog's teeth be?

    The pictures below show a Pampered Pets Ultrasonic friend before and after the sedation free teeth cleaning. What an amazing difference this teeth cleaning technique can make.



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  9. How do I floss my dog's teeth?

    Start flossing the front teeth which are easy to access. Work your way back to the rear teeth as your dog becomes more comfortable. Watch our video to see how we do it. After your first appointment, we can show you how to maintain your pets oral care at home.

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  10. My veterinarian says that dental cleanings can only be done by a licensed veterinarian under sedation. Is that true?

    Sedation-free cleaning is considered a cosmetic or hygienic service, and is not designed to replace veterinary care. At Pampered Pets we do not diagnose or treat animals, but rather we provide a maintenance service as part of an oral care regime that may include brushing and oral additives. We recommend that all clients enjoy a relationship with a licensed veterinarian and encourage them to follow their veterinarian’s advice on matters related to the animal’s health and well being.

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  11. What can I do to improve my pet’s oral health at home?

    Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC believes that holistic, whole-body care is the best way to maintain pets’ health. Our Oral Care Specialists are happy to recommend a variety of products to help you maintain your pet’s teeth at home between visits, including oral rinses, spray and gels, dental chews and probiotics. We offer many of these products for sale at your pet’s cleaning for your convenience in one-stop-shopping! One of our staff will also be happy to show you how to most effectively brush your pet’s teeth at home on a routine basis.

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  12. What is the PPDP and what are its benefits?

    Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC is proud to offer a lifetime maintenance plan, the only plan of its kind in the teeth-cleaning industry! When you enroll your pet in our PPDP, you receive routine maintenance cleaning and polishing for a heavily discounted price for the lifetime of your pet (after their initial cleaning). We offer this because we want to be sure that clients keep up with their pets’ oral care needs at an affordable price. We also know that clients love our services and want to keep coming back, and our PPDP ensures that we keep in touch with our clients and their pets’ cleanings are never missed!

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  13. What are “mobile partners?” How can I become one?

    Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC endeavors to be the most conveniently available sedation-free teeth cleaning service available. We partner with a variety of grooming shops, pet supply stores and chains and other pet related businesses around the province so that we can provide services in as many locations as possible. We try to schedule at each of these mobile partner locations at least once a month. In this way, we make it convenient for clients as there is bound to be a location near you in any given month. Mobile partners of Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC enjoy many benefits, including an increase in customer traffic, which easily translates to an increase in revenue. We can also happily promote that store’s useful dental hygiene products to our clients. Our clients become your customers, and those customers have a great new place to shop for their pets’ every day needs! If your business is interested in becoming a Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC mobile partner, please contact us for more information!

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  14. Didn’t you used to be PPU and Care?

    Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC has its origins in our original grooming shop in Delta. As Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC has expanded, we have outgrown the grooming business, which is now its own entity. You can find our grooming store which is now called Pristine Pawz at 8434 120 Street, Delta BC. You will still enjoy the great bathing and grooming services we have always provided!

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  15. I’m interested in becoming a Canine Oral Care Provider, how can I do that?

    In Canada, sedation-free oral cleanings does not fall under any regulatory body and is considered a cosmetic or hygienic service, so there is no accredited school or training available. But as Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC continues to grow and expand, we sometimes need more trained oral hygiene specialists to work with us. We can provide that training in-house, under a K9 Oral Hygiene Provider who has been performing sedation-free cleanings for nearly a decade. After a certain number of training hours and when a Pet First Aid course has been obtained, you can enjoy a career with Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC as a fully trained K9 Oral Hygiene Provider.

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  16. Are there franchising opportunities with Pampered Pets Ultrasonic?

    Due to increased demand, Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC will be offering franchise opportunities in 2019. Franchisees will receive extensive training at PPU, and enjoy the business relationships we have cultivated with national pet supply store chains to establish themselves in another province as a Pampered Pets ULTRASONIC Oral Care Provider. If you are interested in being put on our waitlist for upcoming franchise opportunities please contact us for more information!

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