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Curated products for aftercare

After the first visit, many pet owners ask us what products they can use to maintain the fresh cleaning and wonderfully improved breath. Thus, we’ve curated several natural products to assist you.

Each of these products can be purchased on-site during your visit to any one of our mobile cleaning locations.

EFAC - Gum health conditioner

EFAC Periodontal Health is a natural solution for healthy gums. Comprised of natural fatty acids or oils that have a potent lubricating action on our cells, these unique oils benefit the gums and as an additional benefit, it is common to see older dogs using EFAC for gum health also become more mobile and playful. 

A patent awarded after years of research showed EFAC offered an effective, entirely new approach to gum health. Active Ingredients: EFAC Proprietary Blend (Bovine Source) 525 mg Inactive Ingredients: Carob, Glycerin, Gelatin, Mixed Tocopherols, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil

Oxyfresh - Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste

Pets explore their world with their mouths, and sometimes their activities can lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, tartar build-up, loose teeth, injury, pain and irritation. Oxyfresh Pet Gel is a soothing blend of Oxygene with Aloe Vera to heal, condition, and deodorizes your pet’s mouth. The exclusive Oxygene formula neutralizes the germs that cause bad breath with a powerful, non-toxic oxidization process that works like nothing else to completely eliminate odors at their source. Our most versatile pet product, this odorless and tasteless gel can be used orally or externally to soothe, cleanse and deodorize.

Oxyfresh - Pet Oral Hygiene Solution with Oxygene

Our Pet Oral Hygiene Solution with Oxygene is the most effective remedy that helps stop bad breath at its source! Just a capful of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Solution with Oxygene in your pet’s water bowl and your pet will have “up close” fresh breath every day!

Just About Pets - Oral Spray

Just About Pets’ Oral Spray is an antiseptic oral mouthwash rinse. It helps to reduce bacteria and tartar build up that often results in Gingivitis. With a mixture of fennel cloves, vinegar, and other cleaning properties, this product will keep your pet’s teeth clean between appointments!

Pet Toothbrush Kit

A combination of Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Gel and Pet Oral Hygiene Solution along with finger brushes and a two-headed toothbrush. This kit has everything you need to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene.